Load Balance

The Load Balancer Pattern allows you to delegate to one of a number of endpoints using a variety of different load balancing policies.

Built-in load balancing policies

Camel provides the following policies out-of-the-box:

Policy Description

Custom Load Balancer

To use a custom load balancer implementation.

Fail-over Load Balancer

In case of failures, the exchange will be tried on the next endpoint.

Round Robin Load Balancer

The destination endpoints are selected in a round-robin fashion. This is a well-known and classic policy, which spreads the load evenly.

Random Load Balancer

The destination endpoints are selected randomly.

Sticky Load Balancer

Sticky load balancing using an Expression to calculate a correlation key to perform the sticky load balancing.

Topic Load Balancer

Topic which sends to all destinations.

Weighted Loader Balancer

Use a weighted load distribution ratio for each server with respect to others.