Camel Videos


Articles are divided into several sections. As the lists grow, further sectioning refinements may be necessary.

General Articles

Camel K

  • Why Camel K by Saravanakumar Selvaraj from June 2020 where he briefly hightlights 5 key elements of Camel K

Tooling / Combination with other Products

These examples show Camel combined with several tools (e.g. IDE), ESBs, Application Services, and other middleware products such as messaging or OSGi container.

Camel and Groovy

Camel and Scala

Camel and Clojure

Camel and the IoT (Internet of Things)

Camel and Microservices/Cloud

Comparison to Camel’s Competitors

Presentations on Apache Camel


Online Training

  • Build a Registration System with Camel and Kubernetes - A self-pased online learning (May 2021) where you’ll master common Apache Camel techniques and components for helping build modern interconnected applications.
  • Introduction to Apache Camel - Pluralsight online training course covering the core Camel framework, pattern implementations and
  • Apache Camel Video Tutorial - A 3 part video series that introduces you to Apache Camel, covers an use-case, and then highlights why you should use Camel.
  • Java In Use - Apache Camel Introduction, Apache Camel Interview Questions, and other beginner related training for Apache Camel.
  • Udemy Training: Apache Camel for Beginners - Learn by Coding in Java - Learn Apache Camel framework by coding it in Java. This is purely a coding course where you will be performing ton of code throughout the course. This course will cover integrations with Kafka, Active MQ, Postgres SQL , Rest WebServices and etc.
  • Max Munus - Provides online training to many different technologies. They provide online training for Apache Camel.