Apache Camel 2020 Release Schedule

The Apache Camel project is moving to release schedule with Long Term Support (LTS) and non-LTS releases. The plan is to have 2 yearly LTS releases and then non-LTS releases in between. This allows the Camel project to innovate and move much faster in non-LTS releases. And as well to offer production stable branches (LTS) where end users can stay on for a longer period of time and get CVEs and important/critical bug fixes only.

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Camel AWS2 Components are here: what are the changes for end users?

In Camel 3.2.0 we’ll release the complete set of Camel AWS2 components. In Camel 3.1.0 we already have a bunch of AWS2 components living together with the original AWS components. The aim of this post is giving a full perspective of what will change for the end users and the roadmap for new features. New components Except camel-aws-xray, which is a particular component needing much more work to be migrated, all the original AWS components have been migrated to AWS SDK v2.

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Outreachy internship contributions open

This year in addition to the Google Summer of Code we’re participating in the Outreachy internship program as well. For those that might not be aware of the Outreachy, Outreachy is a paid, remote internship program. Outreachy’s goal is to support people from groups underrepresented in tech. They help newcomers to free software and open source make their first contributions. Apache Camel is looking for contributions to the website you’re reading this blog post on.

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