Apache Camel 3 Whats New (top 10)

Apache Camel 3 was released last thursday November 28th 2019, which also happens to be the day of the US Thanksgiving. This was not intentionally but we can say its a big thanks from us to the community with a brand new major version of Camel - this does not come often by. In fact its 10 years since Camel 2 hit the streets. So this 3rd generation is long overdue.

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The Camel community announces the immediate availability of Camel 3.0.0, a new major release with over 1000 new features, improvements and fixes. Please read our migration guide the describes how to upgrade Camel 2.x applications to Camel 3.0. The artifacts are published and ready for you to download from the Central Maven repository. For more details please take a look at the release notes. Many thanks to all who made this release possible.

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Apache Camel on top-5 in the ASF annual 2019 report

The ASF Annual 2019 Report includes 25 highlights where Apache Camel is referred twice as a top-5 project: 10. Top 5 Apache repositories by number of commits: Camel, Hadoop, HBase, Beam, and Flink; 20. GitHub traffic: Top 5 most active Apache sources –visits: Spark, Camel, Flink, Kafka, and Airflow;

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