Optimizing Camel-K Integration Build Time

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The Integration is the resource which represents the actual Camel application and building a container image that packages the integration within an elevated cloud platform (be it locally in a Minikube or K8s hosted cluster to Openshift clusters) takes ample amount of time. Enhancing the Camel-K Integration build time Our goal was to reduce overhead and improve user experience. We were able to narrow down the major contributors that had a significant influence on the integration build time.

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How to use Camel textual Route Debugger with Unit test in VS Code

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Textual debug for Camel routes allows to set breakpoints at Route definition. It is convenient to leverage this feature with a Unit test. This article will explain how it is possible to configure the project and the VS Code IDE for that. Similar functionality should be possible with other IDEs but not covered in this article. Requirements In this article, we will focus on using VS Code IDE. It implies the following requirements:

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