Support for Apache Karaf

Apache Camel Karaf is for running Camel in the Apache Karaf OSGi container.

It includes:

  • Camel features descriptor allowing to install Camel in Karaf.

  • Camel Karaf commands allowing you to view, start, stop, get info, about the Camel contexts and routes running in the Karaf instance.

Install Camel in Karaf

Assuming that you have a running Karaf instance, you can register the Camel features descriptor:

karaf@root> feature:repo-add camel 3.18.1

where 3.18.1 is the Camel version

Now, we have all Camel features available:

To install Camel, just install the camel feature:

karaf@root> feature:install camel

You have to install the Camel features depending of your requirements.

If, in your route, you use an endpoint like stream:out, you have to install the camel-stream feature:

karaf@root> feature:install camel-stream

And so on, for example if you use the sql, and http components:

karaf@root> feature:install camel-sql camel-http

Camel Karaf commands

When you install the camel feature, new Camel Karaf commands become available automatically.

For example to list all running Camel contexts:

karaf@root> camel:context-list

You can see all the Camel commands by typing camel: and then pressing TAB key.

use kbd:[TAB] key for completion on the Camel context name.