Apache Camel Documentation

This page provides an overview of all kinds of documentations available for Apache Camel. Everything related to setting up, contributing, upgrading, migrating and understanding the Apache Camel architecture can be found under User Manual. For documentations related to specific projects, look under the Sub-Projects section. To find component specific documentation, references are listed under Components. To contribute to the documentation, you can click on the “Edit this Page” link present at the bottom of each page.

User Manual

The User Manual is a comprehensive guide meant to help you with the key concepts of Apache Camel and software integration, from how to begin contributing to Apache Camel, to architecture or integration patterns.

Camel Sub-Projects Documentation

Apache Camel encompasses several sub-projects for additional platforms or ways to run Camel. Check out the individual sub-project manuals here :


Component Reference is auto generated from the code to reflect the configuration options and functionality available in a particular Camel version.

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