Since Camel 3.0

The attachments component provides the javax.attachments API support for Apache Camel. A few Camel component uses attachments such as mail and web-service components. The attachments component is included automatically when using these components.

The attachments support is on Camel Message level, for example to get the javax.activation.DataHandler instance of the attachment, you can do as shown below:

AttachmentMessage attMsg = exchange.getIn(AttachmentMessage.class);
Attachment attachment = attMsg.getAttachmentObject("myAttachment");
DataHandler dh = attachment.getDataHandler();

And if you want to add an attachment, to a Camel Message you can do as shown:

AttachmentMessage attMsg = exchange.getIn(AttachmentMessage.class);
attMsg.addAttachment("message1.xml", new DataHandler(new FileDataSource(new File("myMessage1.xml"))));