Apache Camel Core

Apache Camel is an Open Source integration framework that empowers you to quickly and easily integrate various systems consuming or producing data.

The Apache Camel Core is the foundation for all other projects. Ideal for experienced Java developers or architects willing to innovate and build upon a lower level integration framework.

Get Started

Get started with the Camel Core project. Discover if it is the right project for your needs. Learn basic concepts of integrating systems, the fundamentals of the Camel Core project and create your first project.

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Working with Camel Core

Learn about additional ways to customize your integrations. Explore alternatives to consume and produce data as well as writing and defining routes

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Advanced Camel Core Guides

Discover how to observe, scale and debug integrations. Learn about more advanced features of Camel Core and how you can build upon those for creating highly customized integrations for all projects and products.

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Reference Documentation

The comprehensive reference documentation for all 300+ Camel components, enterprise integration patterns (EIPs) and links to the JavaDoc documentation.

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Migration and Upgrade

The migration and upgrade guides you need to follow to keep your Camel Core integrations up-to-date.

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Find out how to obtain help using the Camel Core project, how to report problems and where to find our our community on the web.

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Everything you need to know to make a contribution to the Camel Core project. Learn how to build, test, document and improve the project.

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