Extension metadata


This file contains metadata used by Quarkus project generator https://code.quarkus.io/. It is located in the src/main/resources/META-INF directory of the runtime module. Here is an example from the ActiveMQ extension:

name: "Camel ActiveMQ"
description: "Send messages to (or consume from) Apache ActiveMQ. This component extends the Camel JMS component"
  guide: "https://camel.apache.org/camel-quarkus/latest/extensions/activemq.html"
  - "integration"

Within Camel Quarkus, these files are 100% generated by cq-maven-plugin. To re-generate the quarkus-extension.yaml files in the whole source tree, run the following command from the root directory of the source tree:

mvn -N cq:update-quarkus-metadata

The data comes from the following sources:

  • name: comes from pom.xml’s `<name>

  • description: taken from Camel Catalog. If the given extension contains more than one component, language or data format, their descriptions are concatenated and a warning is issued in the log. The value from Camel Catalog can be overridden by setting a <description> in the pom.xml of the given extension’s runtime module.

  • guide: derived from the extension’s artifactId

  • unlisted: true if the given extension is JVM only; omitted otherwise.

  • keywords: omitted unless <quarkus.metadata.keywords> property is available in the runtime module’s pom.xml file. Please set explicit keywords only if the given term is both important and occurs neither in extension name nor in the description.

  • categories: constant