Prometheus Trait

The Prometheus trait configures a Prometheus-compatible endpoint. It also creates a PodMonitor resource, so that the endpoint can be scraped automatically, when using the Prometheus operator.

The metrics are exposed using Micrometer Metrics.

The creation of the PodMonitor resource requires the Prometheus Operator custom resource definition to be installed. You can set pod-monitor to false for the Prometheus trait to work without the Prometheus Operator.
By default the metrics API is not available in JSON

The Prometheus trait is disabled by default.

This trait is available in the following profiles: Kubernetes, Knative, OpenShift.


Trait properties can be specified when running any integration with the CLI:

$ kamel run --trait prometheus.[key]=[value] --trait prometheus.[key2]=[value2] integration.yaml

The following configuration options are available:

Property Type Description



Can be used to enable or disable a trait. All traits share this common property.



Whether a PodMonitor resource is created (default true).



The PodMonitor resource labels, applicable when pod-monitor is true.


  • To activate the metrics and default scrapping through a new PodMonitor:

    $ kamel run -t prometheus.enable=true ...
  • To activate the metrics when the Prometheus Operator is not available:

    $ kamel run -t prometheus.enable=true -t pod-monitor=false ...
  • To activate the metrics with JSON format available :

    $ kamel run -t prometheus.enable=true -t"quarkus.micrometer.export.json.enabled=true"...