Deployer Trait

The deployer trait is responsible for deploying the resources owned by the integration, and can be used to explicitly select the underlying controller that will manage the integration pods.

This trait is available in the following profiles: Kubernetes, Knative, OpenShift.

The deployer trait is a platform trait and cannot be disabled by the user.


Trait properties can be specified when running any integration with the CLI:

$ kamel run --trait deployer.[key]=[value] --trait deployer.[key2]=[value2] integration.yaml

The following configuration options are available:

Property Type Description



Deprecated: no longer in use.



Allows to explicitly select the desired deployment kind between deployment, cron-job or knative-service when creating the resources for running the integration.



Use server-side apply to update the owned resources (default true). Note that it automatically falls back to client-side patching, if SSA is not available, e.g., on old Kubernetes clusters.