Camel K Integration Logging

The Logging trait simplifies the logging configuration of the Integration runtime.

The Logging trait has been introduced in Camel K version 1.5.0. See the introductory blog post.

Logging Level

To configure the log level, the level option from the Logging trait can be used, e.g.:

$ kamel run -t logging.level=DEBUG

Logging Format

The format of the log messages can be configured using the format option, e.g.:

$ kamel run -t logging.format='%d{HH:mm:ss} %-5p (%t) %s%e%n'

The supported values are those of Quarkus logging configuration, as it provides the logging framework, for Camel Quarkus which is leveraged by Camel K.

Structured Logs

The Integration Pods can provide structured logs, to facilitate processing and parsing. This can be turned on or off, using the json option from the Logging trait, e.g.:

$ kamel run -t logging.json=true

Subsequently, pretty JSON logs can be enabled with:

$ kamel run -t logging.json=true -t logging.json-pretty-print=true