Base image

Camel K operator builds and containerize a Camel application in order to run it eventually on the cluster. It uses a base image on top of which it copies the Camel runtime dependencies built from the given source. The default image used is a JDK based image as the Java DSL requires a runtime compilation on the fly.

You can change the base image in order to bring your own base image by changing the of your IntegrationPlatform resource.

You can also change this parameter individually for each Integration you’re running by overriding the platform default value with builder.base-image trait parameter.

if you change the base image, make sure it provides a JDK or a JRE (only if you are sure you don’t use Java DSL)

"Distroless" container base images

The classic container images such as Eclipse Temurin JDK (the one we use as a default base image at the time of writing this documentation) contains several tools that may not be very suitable for production environments. For this reason you can use a "distroless" container image which only contains the essential and is more secure and suitable for a production environment.