telegram source Telegram Source

Provided by: "Apache Software Foundation"

Support Level for this Kamelet is: "Stable"

Receive all messages that people send to your Telegram bot.

To create a bot, contact the @botfather account by using the Telegram app.

The source attaches the following header to the messages:

  • chat-id / ce-chatid: The ID of the chat where the message comes from.

Configuration Options

The following table summarizes the configuration options available for the telegram-source Kamelet:

Property Name Description Type Default Example



Required The token to access your bot on Telegram. You can obtain it from the Telegram @botfather.



At runtime, the telegram-source Kamelet relies upon the presence of the following dependencies:

  • camel:jackson

  • camel:kamelet

  • camel:telegram

  • camel:core

Camel JBang usage


  • You’ve installed JBang.

  • You have executed the following command:

jbang app install camel@apache/camel

Supposing you have a file named route.yaml with this content:

- route:
      uri: "kamelet:telegram-source"
        - to:
            uri: "kamelet:log-sink"

You can now run it directly through the following command

camel run route.yaml