dns lookup action DNS Lookup Action

Provided by: "Apache Software Foundation"

Support Level for this Kamelet is: "Stable"

Lookup for a domain

The Kamelet expects the following headers to be set:

  • domain-name / ce-domainname: as the domain for which we are looking up

If the domain-name header won’t be set the body will be used as domain name.

Configuration Options

The dns-lookup-action Kamelet does not specify any configuration options.


At runtime, the dns-lookup-action Kamelet relies upon the presence of the following dependencies:

  • camel:core

  • camel:jackson

  • camel:dns

  • camel:kamelet

Camel JBang usage


  • You’ve installed JBang.

  • You have executed the following command:

jbang app install camel@apache/camel

Supposing you have a file named route.yaml with this content:

- route:
      uri: "kamelet:timer-source"
        period: 10000
        message: 'test'
        - to:
            uri: "kamelet:dns-lookup-action"
        - to:
            uri: "kamelet:log-sink"

You can now run it directly through the following command

camel run route.yaml