nominatim geocode action Nominatim GeoCode Action

Provided by: "Apache Software Foundation"

Support Level for this Kamelet is: "Stable"

Find locations on Earth by name and address. This Kamelet expects in the body the address to find. The return message will also contain the following headers with the geolocation info: - CamelGeoCoderAddress - CamelGeoCoderCity - CamelGeoCoderCountryLong - CamelGeoCoderCountryShort - CamelGeoCoderLat - CamelGeoCoderLng - CamelGeoCoderLatlng - CamelGeoCoderPostalCode - CamelGeoCoderRegionCode - CamelGeoCoderRegionName - CamelGeoCoderStatus

The body will be returned in JSON format.

Configuration Options

The following table summarizes the configuration options available for the nominatim-geocode-action Kamelet:

Property Name Description Type Default Example


Server URL

Required Url of the Nominatim server.



At runtime, the nominatim-geocode-action Kamelet relies upon the presence of the following dependencies:

  • camel:core

  • camel:jackson

  • camel:geocoder

  • camel:kamelet

Camel JBang usage


  • You’ve installed JBang.

  • You have executed the following command:

jbang app install camel@apache/camel

Supposing you have a file named route.yaml with this content:

- route:
      uri: "kamelet:timer-source"
        period: 10000
        message: 'test'
        - to:
            uri: "kamelet:nominatim-geocode-action"
        - to:
            uri: "kamelet:log-sink"

You can now run it directly through the following command

camel run route.yaml