Configuring a Github Packages Registry

You can use a Github Packages registry to host your container images, in case your cluster doesn’t provide a default registry.

Login to Github, then navigate to Settings → Developer settings → Personal access tokens. Create a new token with the following permissions:

  • repo (all)

  • write:packages

  • read:packages

  • delete:packages

Take note of the personal access token, you’ll use it during installation. You also need to choose a github repository for hosting your images.

To configure Camel K, install it using the following command:

kamel install --registry --organization github-user/repository --registry-auth-username github-user-id --registry-auth-password github-token

The --registry-auth-username and --registry-auth-password flags are used by the kamel CLI to create a Kubernetes secret that holds your credentials for authenticating against the Docker registry.

In the general case, the --registry-auth-server should be used, but it can be omitted for Github because it’s equal to the registry by default (

You’re now ready to publish your integration. Images will be automatically published to Github Packages.