Commercial Camel Offerings

Apache Camel is a widely used project. As such, several companies have built products and services around Camel. This page is dedicated to providing descriptions of those offerings and links to more information. Companies are definitely encouraged to update this page directly or send a mail to the Camel PMC with a description of your offerings and we can update the page. The products and services listed on this page are provided for information use only to our users. The Camel PMC does not endorse or recommend any of the products or services on this page. See below for information about what is appropriate to add to the page.

Cyberlogic Consulting

Cyberlogic Consulting is a Swiss based consultancy. We pride ourselves in providing Swiss quality services including enterprise consulting, coding, systems integration, training and support for Apache Camel and the related Apache Open Source Software. We specialize in helping our clients to realize new projects and support the delivery of the project from end to end.


Dovetail is a company based in the Netherlands. It offers a low-code integration platform based on Apache Camel, Apache ActiveMQ and Assimbly. The aim is to make integration as easy as possible. We provide cloud services, support and training.


IBM provides cross-platform support and consulting for Apache Camel and many other open source packages.

Linux Polska

Linux Polska provides consulting, implementation and maintenance services in the areas of middleware, especially for Apache Camel and related projects based on Apache. The company also designs and creates its own open source solutions.


OpenLogic by Perforce has a team of Camel experts ready to help you. We provide 24/7 support for troubleshooting issues and outages, consulting on architecture and design, and instructor-led, hands-on training. Learn more about OpenLogic’s Camel support.

Red Hat

Red Hat offers a supported build of Camel as part of Red Hat Integration and Red Hat Application Foundations. It contains an enterprise integration platform based on Apache Camel and other open source integration projects, with developer and production support. In addition to enterprise support, Red Hat provides training, consulting, and a developer community.


We provide consulting and implementation of Microservices as well as modernization support for legacy applications using Springboot + Camel or Quarkus + Camel.


RiverLog Software engages with systems integrators and implementers to deploy Camel based, ESB model integration within enterprises. RiverLog’s custom scripts and generic modules help in reducing Apache Camel integration efforts across the enterprise.


RouteBLAZE allows you to design, develop and deploy business processes at Enterprise scale. It comes bundled with a suite of tools and services that support every step of the journey, from project inception through to production support. We also provide bespoke development and consultancy.

Savoir Technologies, Inc

Savoir Technologies, Inc provides enterprise consulting, training and support for Camel and a host of other Apache service containers. Savoir can provide best practice mentoring for developing with Camel, as well as architectural/design reviews, troubleshooting and SOA infrastructure implementations.

Talend, Inc

Talend, Inc provides enterprise level services, training and support for Apache Camel and their Talend ESB product which is a repackaging of Apache Camel including a full, pre-configured OSGi runtime container.

Talisman Cloud, Inc

Talisman Cloud, Inc provides support subscription and consulting services for Apache Camel Karavan.


TouK provides enterprise integration consulting and system integration services as well as support for Apache Camel and Apache Servicemix.


Yupiik contributes and commits to the Apache Camel project. Provides consulting, training and support for Apache Camel and related projects like Apache Karaf, Apache ActiveMQ, Apache Kafka, Apache Unomi.

Policy for additions to this page

Companies are free to add information about their products and services to this page (please keep entries in alphabetical order). The information must be factual and informational in nature and not be a marketing statement. Statements that promote your products and services over other offerings on the page will not be tolerated and will be removed. Such marketing statements can be added to your own pages on your own site, but not here.

When in doubt, email the Camel dev list (see Mailing Lists) and ask. We’d be happy to help.