Building Camel from Source

Camel uses Maven as its build and management tool. If you don’t fancy using Maven you can use your IDE directly or Download a distribution or JAR.


Maven options

To build Camel maven has to be configured to use more memory, which is done automatically via the .mvn/jvm.config file.

A normal build

Beware this runs all the unit tests which takes many hours.

mvn clean install

A quick build without running tests

The following skips building the manual, the distro and does not execute the unit tests, which can complete in less than 10 minutes.

mvn clean install -Pfastinstall

A normal build without running tests but auto formatting and checkstyle verification enabled

mvn clean install -Pfastinstall,format,sourcecheck

Building with checkstyle

To enable source style checking with checkstyle, build Camel with the -Psourcecheck parameter

mvn clean install -Psourcecheck

Building source jars

If you want to build jar files with the source code, that for instance Eclipse can important, so you can debug the Camel code as well. Then you can run this command from the camel root folder:

mvn clean source:jar install -Pfastinstall