How do I disable JMX?

How do I disable JMX since Camel 3.x

JMX is disabled by default, and only enabled if camel-management is on the classpath. So an easy way to disable JMX is to not include this JAR.

You can also turn off JMX as shown below.

How do I disable JMX in Camel 2.x

You can disable JMX instrumentation agent by setting Java VM system property as follow. The property value is treated as boolean.


Or, by adding a jmxAgent element inside the camelContext element in Spring configuration:

<camelContext id="camel" xmlns="">
  <jmxAgent id="agent" disabled="true"/>

Or in Camel 2.1 its a bit easier (not having to use JVM system property) if using pure Java as you can disable it as follows:

CamelContext camel = new DefaultCamelContext();