Improving the documentation

The Apache Camel project loves your help with improving the documentation, whether its a tiny typo fix, or adding more details to an existing component, etc.

Where to find the documentation

All of the documentation accessible in the left-hand navigation panel on the website is managed in the AsciiDoc format.

The files have the extension .adoc and are managed in the Camel repositories. They are found in two different places in the repositories:

  • In the src/main/docs folder for each component or camel module

  • In the /docs/user-manual folder for the User Manual and FAQ pages.

Editing the documentation for a component

  • It’s easy as opening a Pull Request

  • You’ll find on each component under src/main/docs an .adoc file(s)

    • This file contains a static part and a dynamically generated part: the former can be edited directly in the .adoc file, while the latter needs your intervention on the javadoc

    • After you modify the javadoc, you’ll need to rebuild the component and the .adoc will be automatically updated

  • The generated .adoc file can be previewed in a browser using a plugin

  • Create a commit and raise a Pull Request

Edit the user manual or FAQs

These .adoc files are edited directly in /docs/user-manual/modules/ROOT/pages and docs/user-manual/modules/faq/pages. If you add a new page, don’t forget to add it to the nav.adoc file which represents the table of contents shown in the left-hand navigation panel in the website. After editing the file, you will need to raise a Pull Request for your changes.

For more information see How do I edit the website.