Pluggable Class Resolvers

Camel provides pluggable class resolvers allowing third party platforms and containers to provide their own resolvers in case the default ones would not fit.

When running Camel on platforms such as Spring Boot, Quarkus, or Apache Karaf, then Camel uses platform specific resolvers to support classloading in these runtimes.

Configuration of a custom class resolver

To instruct Camel to use your own custom class resolver, you set the resolver on the CamelContext using the appropriate setters; or register a custom resolver in the Registry then Camel will automatically detect this during startup.

SPI providers

Platform providers should look in the org.apache.camel.spi package for the pluggable resolvers, such as:

  • ClassResolver

  • FactoryFinderResolver

  • PackageScanClassResolver

  • PackageScanResourceResolver

  • ResourceResolver