Context Reload

The context reload functionality in Camel is capable of reloading all existing routes and property placeholders, upon an external triggered event.

For example if you are using AWS Secrets then enabling context-reload would then reload Camel routes upon a secret is updated in AWS.

The context reload is limited to refresh the following on reload:

General services in CamelContext and java beans or Camel Processor is not updated.

Using context reloading

The context reloading can be configured in Java or with Spring Boot, Quarkus in the following way:

CamelContext context = ...

ContextReloadStrategy reload = new DefaultContextReloadStrategy();

And with Camel Quarkus / Camel Main you can configure this in

# turn on context reloading
camel.main.context-reload-enabled = true

And in Spring Boot:

# turn on context reloading
camel.springboot.context-reload-enabled = true

Triggering context reloading

Any custom code can trigger context reloading. This is done by ensuring the context reload is enabled (see above), and then from Java you can get hold of ContextReloadStrategy as follows:

ContextReloadStrategy reload = context.hasService(ContextReloadStrategy.class);
if (reload != null) {
    // trigger reload

The method onReload will then reload all the property placeholders and then afterwards reload all existing routes.

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