Apache Camel 4.x Upgrade Guide

This document is for helping you upgrade your Apache Camel application from Camel 4.x to 4.y. For example if you are upgrading Camel 4.0 to 4.2, then you should follow the guides from both 4.0 to 4.1 and 4.1 to 4.2.

Upgrading Camel 4.2 to 4.3


Moved class org.apache.camel.impl.engine.MemoryStateRepository from camel-base-engine to org.apache.camel.support.processor.state.MemoryStateRepository in camel-support.

Moved class org.apache.camel.impl.engine.FileStateRepository from camel-base-engine to org.apache.camel.support.processor.state.FileStateRepository in camel-support.

Resequence EIP

The configuration for batch and stream has been renamed from batch-config to batchConfig and stream-config to streamConfig.

For example before:

    <stream-config timeout="1000" deliveryAttemptInterval="10"/>
    <to uri="mock:result" />

And now after:

    <streamConfig timeout="1000" deliveryAttemptInterval="10"/>
    <to uri="mock:result" />

Throttle EIP

Throttle now uses the number of concurrent requests as the throttling measure instead of the number of requests per period.

Update throttle expressions configured with maxRequestsPerPeriod to use maxConcurrentRequests instead, and remove any timePeriodMillis option.

For example, update the following:

long maxRequestsPerPeriod = 100L;


// 1000 ms default time period

to use maxConcurrentRequests:

long maxConcurrentRequests = 30L;



Consumer health checks

The scheduled consumers has been improved to mark the consumer as ready sooner, when possible. Previously a consumer, would mark as ready after the first poll was completed. For example, a FTP consumer downloading a big file on first poll, could take so long time, that the readiness check would timeout and fail during startup of your Camel application.

The following components is now marking the consumer as ready sooner:

  • camel-aws

  • camel-azure

  • camel-box

  • camel-dhis2

  • camel-fhir

  • camel-couchbase

  • camel-ftp

  • camel-google

  • camel-ironmq

  • camel-jooq

  • camel-jpa

  • camel-mail

  • camel-minio

  • camel-mybatis

  • camel-olingo2

  • camel-olingo4

  • camel-slack

  • camel-splunk

  • camel-sql

  • camel-twilio

  • camel-zendesk


If the nodeIdPrefix has been configured on routes, then the MBeans for the processors will now use the prefix in their ObjectName also.


The context and route consoles has changed some values in their JSon output data for timestamp for created, completed and failed exchanges.

Old Key

New Key







The values are also changed from String ago to timestamp in millis.For example old value 3m5s is now 1701599263337.


The camel transform command has been renamed to camel transform route as this command is used for transforming routes between DSLs such as XML to YAML.

There is a new camel transform message command to do message transformation.


Jetty has been upgraded from v11 to v12. End users may need to adjust to changes in Jetty.


The behavior for breakOnFirstError was altered as numerous issues were fixed. The behavior related to committing the offset is now determined by the CommitManager that is configured.

When the default CommitManager is used (NoopCommitManager) then no commit is performed. The route implementation will be responsible for managing the offset using KafkaManualCommit to manage the retrying of the payload.

When using the SyncCommitManager then the offset will be committed so that the payload is continually retried. This was the behavior described in the documentation.

When using the AsyncCommitManager then the offset will be committed so that the payload is continually retried. This was the behavior described in the documentation.


Using kebab-case in general has been deprecated, and you will see a WARN logs. Please migrate to camelCase.

The language for exchange property now only supports camelCase style, i.e. exchange-property is now exchangeProperty.

The camelYamlDsl.json Schema file has removed inheritErrorHandler option for all EIPs where it was not applicable. This option is only intended for the Load Balancer EIP. This makes the YAML schema in-line with the XML DSL schema.


The HDFS component has been deprecated, and planned to be removed in 4.4 (see CAMEL-20196).


The header name for the List<RecordMetadata> metadata has changed from org.apache.kafka.clients.producer.RecordMetadata to kafka.RECORD_META, and the header constant from KAFKA_RECORDMETA to KAFKA_RECORD_META.