camel-aws-lambda-sink-kafka-connector sink configuration

Connector Description: Send a payload to an AWS Lambda function. Access Key/Secret Key are the basic method for authenticating to the AWS Lambda Service. These parameters are optional, because the Kamelet provide also the 'useDefaultCredentialsProvider'. When using a default Credentials Provider the Lambda client will load the credentials through this provider and won’t use the static credential. This is reason for not having the access key and secret key as mandatory parameter for this Kamelet.

When using camel-aws-lambda-sink-kafka-connector as sink make sure to use the following Maven dependency to have support for the connector:

  <!-- use the same version as your Camel Kafka connector version -->

To use this sink connector in Kafka connect you’ll need to set the following connector.class


The camel-aws-lambda-sink sink connector supports 5 options, which are listed below.

Name Description Default Priority

Required The Lambda Function name.


The access key obtained from AWS.


The secret key obtained from AWS.


Required The AWS region to connect to Example: eu-west-1.


Set whether the Lambda client should expect to load credentials through a default credentials provider or to expect static credentials to be passed in.



The camel-aws-lambda-sink sink connector has no converters out of the box.

The camel-aws-lambda-sink sink connector has no transforms out of the box.

The camel-aws-lambda-sink sink connector has no aggregation strategies out of the box.