Write Ahead Log Strategy for Resume API

Since Camel 3.20

The WAL component provides a resume strategy that uses a write-ahead log to

A resume strategy that uses a write-ahead strategy to keep a transaction log of the in-processing and processed records. This strategy works by wrapping another strategy. This increases the reliability of the resume API by ensuring that records are saved locally before being sent to the remote data storage. Thus guaranteeing that records can be recovered in case that system crashes.


Because this strategy wraps another one, then the other one should be created first and then passed as an argument to this strategy when creating it.

SomeOtherResumeStrategy resumeStrategy = new SomeOtherResumeStrategy();
final String logFile = System.getProperty("wal.log.file");

WriteAheadResumeStrategy writeAheadResumeStrategy = new WriteAheadResumeStrategy(new File(logFile), resumeStrategy);

Subsequently, this strategy should be registered to the registry instead

getCamelContext().getRegistry().bind(ResumeStrategy.DEFAULT_NAME, writeAheadResumeStrategy);