Mail Microsoft Oauth

Since Camel 3.18.4

The Mail Microsoft OAuth2 provides an implementation of org.apache.camel.component.mail.MailAuthenticator to authenticate IMAP/POP/SMTP connections and access to Email via Spring’s Mail support and the underlying JavaMail system.

Maven users will need to add the following dependency to their pom.xml for this component:

    <!-- use the same version as your Camel core version -->

Importing camel-mail-microsoft-oauth it will automatically import the camel-mail component.

Microsoft Exchange Online OAuth2 Mail Authenticator IMAP sample

To use OAuth, an application must be registered with Azure Active Directory. Follow the instructions listed in Register an application with the Microsoft identity platform guide to register a new application.
Enable application to access Exchange mailboxes via client credentials flow. Instructions here
Once everything is set up, declare and register in the registry, an instance of org.apache.camel.component.mail.MicrosoftExchangeOnlineOAuth2MailAuthenticator.
For example, in a Spring Boot application:

public MicrosoftExchangeOnlineOAuth2MailAuthenticator exchangeAuthenticator(){
    return new MicrosoftExchangeOnlineOAuth2MailAuthenticator(tenantId, clientId, clientSecret, "");

and then reference it in the Camel URI:

                    +  "?authenticator=#auth"
                    +  "&mail.imaps.auth.mechanisms=XOAUTH2"
                    +  "&debugMode=true"
                    +  "&delete=false")