Reactive Executor Vert.x

Since Camel 3.0

The camel-reactive-executor-vertx is a VertX based implementation of the ReactiveExecutor SPI.

By default Camel uses its own reactive engine for routing messages, but you can plugin different engines via a SPI interface. This is a VertX based plugin that uses the VertX event loop for processing message during routing.

At this time this component is an experiment so use it with care.

VertX instance

This implementation will first lookup in the registry for an existing io.vertx.core.Vertx to be used. However you can configure an existing instance using the getter/setter on the VertXReactiveExecutor class.

Auto detection from classpath

To use this implementation all you need to do is to add the camel-reactive-executor-vertx dependency to the classpath, and Camel should auto-detect this on startup and log as follows:

Using ReactiveExecutor: camel-reactive-executor-vertx