The google- component allows you to work with the G Suite. Google offers a great palette of different components like use of calender, mail, sheets and drive . The main reason to use Google is the G Suite features.

Google components

See the following for usage of each component:

Google BigQuery

Google BigQuery data warehouse for analytics.

Google BigQuery Standard SQL

Access Google Cloud BigQuery service using SQL queries.

Google Calendar

Perform various operations on a Google Calendar.

Google Calendar Stream

Poll for changes in a Google Calendar.

Google Cloud Functions

Manage and invoke Google Cloud Functions

Google Drive

Manage files in Google Drive.

Google Mail

Manage messages in Google Mail.

Google Mail Stream

Poll for incoming messages in Google Mail.

Google Pubsub

Send and receive messages to/from Google Cloud Platform PubSub Service.

Google Secret Manager

Manage Google Secret Manager Secrets

Google Sheets

Manage spreadsheets in Google Sheets.

Google Sheets Stream

Poll for changes in Google Sheets.

Google Storage

Store and retrieve objects from Google Cloud Storage Service using the google-cloud-storage library.