Extension documentation

The documentation pages for the individual extensions are generated by the update-extension-doc-page mojo of camel-quarkus-maven-plugin. The mojo is invoked from the runtime module of each extension. The resulting AsciiDoc files are stored in docs/modules/ROOT/pages/extensions. From there, the pages are published by Antora to the Camel website.

The pages are referenced i.a. from the List of Camel Quarkus extensions and from Camel Quarkus items on code.quarkus.io.

The update-extension-doc-page mojo merges the FreeMarker template with the following data:

  • artifactIdBase: the artifactId of the runtime module without the camel-quarkus- prefix.

  • firstVersion: the <firstVersion> property in the runtime pom.xml

  • nativeSupported: false if the given extension lives under extensions-jvm, true otherwise.

  • models: the list of Camel components data formats, languages, etc. the given extension delivers.

  • intro: the first paragraph (optional); the content of src/main/doc/intro.adoc in the runtime module of the given extension. If intro.adoc does not exist, the description from the Camel Catalog is used as the first paragraph on the page.

  • usage: Camel Quarkus specific usage (optional); the content of src/main/doc/usage.adoc in the runtime module of the given extension.

  • configuration: Camel Quarkus specific configuration options (optional); the content of src/main/doc/configuration.adoc in the runtime module of the given extension.

  • limitations: Camel Quarkus specific limitations (optional); the content of src/main/doc/limitations.adoc in the runtime module of the given extension.