XSLT Extension

Since Camel Quarkus 0.4.0

The XSLT extension allows you to process a message using an XSLT template.

Maven users will need to add the following dependency to their pom.xml for this extension.



The extension provides support for the Camel XSLT Component.


To optimize XSLT processing, the extension needs to know the locations of the XSLT templates at build time. The XSLT source URIs have to be passed via the quarkus.camel.xslt.sources property. Multiple URIs can be separated by comma.

quarkus.camel.xslt.sources = transform.xsl, classpath:path/to/my/file.xsl

Scheme-less URIs are interpreted as classpath: URIs.

Only classpath: URIs are supported on Quarkus. file:, http: and other kinds of URIs do not work by design.

The content of the XSLT source URIs is parsed and compiled into Java classes at build time. These Java classes are the only source of XSLT information at runtime. The XSLT source files may not be included in the application archive at all.

the extension does not yet support Java 11.