MicroProfile Health Extension

Since Camel Quarkus 0.3.0

The MicroProfile Health extension bridges the Camel health check API with MicroProfile Metrics & SmallRye Health.

Maven users will need to add the following dependency to their pom.xml for this extension.



You can register health checks for your applications with the Camel health check API.

By default, classes extending AbstractHealthCheck are registered as both liveness and readiness checks. For finer control over whether a check is registered as a liveness or readiness check, you can extend either AbstractCamelMicroProfileLivenessCheck or AbstractCamelMicroProfileReadinessCheck.

Any checks provided by your application are automatically discovered and bound to the Camel registry. They will be available via the Quarkus health endpoints /health/live and /health/ready.

You can also provide custom HealthCheckRepository implementations and these are also automatically discovered and bound to the Camel registry for you.

Refer to the Quarkus health guide for further information.

Provided health checks

Some checks are automatically registered for your application.

Camel Context Health

Inspects the Camel Context status and causes the health check status to be DOWN if the status is anything other than 'Started'.

Camel Route Health

Inspects the status of each route and causes the health check status to be DOWN if any route status is not 'Started'.


The Camel MicroProfile Health extension exposes the following configuration properties.

Configuration property Type Default


Set whether to enable Camel health checks