JVM since0.2.0 Native since0.0.2

Communicate with Salesforce using Java DTOs.

What’s inside

Please refer to the above link for usage and configuration details.

Maven coordinates

Or add the coordinates to your existing project:


Check the User guide for more information about writing Camel Quarkus applications.


Generating Salesforce DTOs with the salesforce-maven-plugin

To generate Salesforce DTOs for your project, use the salesforce-maven-plugin. The example code snippet below creates a single DTO for the Account object.


Native mode support for Pub / Sub API with POJO pubSubDeserializeType

When using the Camel Salesforce Pub / Sub API and pubSubDeserializeType is configured as POJO, you must register any classes configured on the pubSubPojoClass option for reflection.

For example, given the following route.

    .log("Received Salesforce POJO topic message: ${body}");

Class would need to be registered for reflection.


import io.quarkus.runtime.annotations.RegisterForReflection;

public class TestEvent {
    // Getters / setters etc

Refer to the Native mode user guide for more information.

SSL in native mode

This extension auto-enables SSL support in native mode. Hence you do not need to add quarkus.ssl.native=true to your yourself. See also Quarkus SSL guide.