camel-slack-source-kafka-connector source configuration

Connector Description: Receive messages from a Slack channel.

When using camel-slack-source-kafka-connector as source make sure to use the following Maven dependency to have support for the connector:

  <!-- use the same version as your Camel Kafka connector version -->

To use this source connector in Kafka connect you’ll need to set the following connector.class


The camel-slack-source source connector supports 3 options, which are listed below.

Name Description Default Priority

Required The Slack channel to receive messages from. Example: #myroom.



Required The Bot User OAuth Access Token to access Slack. A Slack app that has the following permissions is required: channels:history, groups:history, im:history, mpim:history, channels:read, groups:read, im:read, and mpim:read.



The delay between polls. If no unit provided, miliseconds is the default. Example: 60s or 6000 or 1m.



The camel-slack-source source connector has no converters out of the box.

The camel-slack-source source connector has no transforms out of the box.

The camel-slack-source source connector has no aggregation strategies out of the box.