Knative configuration

"Knative is an Open-Source Enterprise-level solution to build Serverless and Event Driven Applications". The effort done in this project is a great complement to Camel K, which can leverage some feature offered by Knative. In particular, Camel K will be able to leverage "scale to 0" (hence, serverless) feature offered by Knative.

Knative is an optional configuration. It is not required to run Camel K.

Knative privileges

Camel K needs to have certain privileges to use the resources used by Knative. However, the installation procedure should take care of all the privileges aspects regardless the installation methodology you’re using.

you should install Knative "Serving" resources before installing and running Camel K Operator. This is required because the operator "watches" certain resources installed by Knative. If yuo install Knative after Camel K, then, you must restart Camel K operator Pod in order to watch the Knative resources accordingly.

From now on you should be able to run some Camel application leveraging Knative with Camel K (see examples).