The IntegrationKit is a fundamental side resource which describes a container image created by the camel-k operator as well as the configurations that need to be applied to every integration that is executed on top of it. An IntegrationKit does not include any source code or resource file defined by the Integration from which it has been generated.

type IntegrationKit struct {
	Spec   IntegrationKitSpec   (1)
	Status IntegrationKitStatus (2)

type IntegrationKitSpec struct {
	Image         string                 (3)
	Dependencies  []string               (4)
	Repositories  []string               (4)
	Profile       TraitProfile           (5)
	Traits        map[string]TraitSpec   (5)
	Configuration []ConfigurationSpec    (6)
1 The desired state
2 The status of the object at current time
3 The container image
4 The dependencies required by the kit and related repositories (if needed)
5 The traits configuration
6 The integration configuration (properties, secrets, configmaps)

the full go definition can be found here

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