RELEASE 2.24.3

The Camel community announces the immediate availability of the new patch release Camel 2.24.3. This release contains 25 fixes and improvements applied in the past weeks by the community on the camel-2.24.x branch. It is the last planned patched release for the camel-2.24.x branch. The artifacts are published and ready for you to download either from the Apache mirrors or from the Central Maven repository. For more details please take a look at the resolved issues.

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JBoss Asylum Podcast about Apache Camel 3

JBoss Asylm Podcast episode 47: What do you call an Apache Camel with 3 humps Claus Ibsen and Luca Burgazzoli sits down with Emanual and Max (hosts) and talks about what is coming in Apache Camel 3 on topics like Camel K and Camel Quarkus. We also cover Camel’s place in the modern world with cloud native and serverless workloads. And at the end we have some bits about what’s coming next in Camel 3.

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Language Support for Apache Camel - VS Code extension 0.0.20

During the past months, several noticeable new features have been added to improve the developer experience of application based on Apache Camel. These updates are available in the 0.0.20 release of Visual Studio (VS) Code extension. Before going into the list of updates in detail, I want to note that I mentioned in the title the VS Code Extension release because VS Code extension is covering the broader set of new features.

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