CDC with Camel and Debezium

Change Data Capture (CDC) is a well-established software design pattern for a system that monitors and captures data changes, so that other software can respond to those events. Using a CDC engine like Debezium along with Camel integration framework, we can easily build data pipelines to bridge traditional data stores and new cloud-native event-driven architectures. The advantages of CDC comparing to a simple poll-based or query-based process are: All changes captured: intermediary changes (updates, deletes) between two runs of the poll loop may be missed.

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Camel Quarkus 1.0.0-M7 Released

The Apache Camel community is pleased to announce the release 1.0.0-M7 of Camel Quarkus. Camel Quarkus ports the outstanding integration capabilities of Apache Camel to Quarkus - the toolkit for writing subatomically small and supersonically fast Java, Kotlin and Scala applications. So what is new in Camel Quarkus 1.0.0-M7? Java 8 is deprecated Camel Quarkus works well on Java 11 (thanks Luca and James!). We can hardly support Java 8 without Quarkus itself supporting it.

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Apache Camel Kafka Connector 0.1.0 Released

The Apache Camel community is pleased to announce the first release (0.1.0) of Camel-Kafka-connector project. This release is an early opportunity for the community to try the project and share feedback about usage of the autogenerated connectors as well as features ideas and use cases for the next development iterations. The project provides a tiny integration layer between camel and kafka connect frameworks and generate one kafka connector for each existing camel component.

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