Camel supports the Message from the EIP patterns using the Message interface.


The org.apache.camel.Message is the data record that represents the message part of the Exchange.

The message contains the following information:

  • body - the message body (i.e. payload)

  • headers - headers with additional information

  • messageId - Unique id of the message. By default, the message uses the same id as Exchange.getExchangeId as messages are associated with the Exchange and using different IDs does not offer much value. Another reason is to optimize for performance to avoid generating new IDs. A few Camel components do provide their own message IDs such as the JMS components.

  • timestamp - The timestamp the message originates from. Some systems like JMS, Kafka, AWS have a timestamp on the event/message, that Camel received. This method returns the timestamp, if a timestamp exists.