Promote JVM extension to Native

The directory extensions-jvm contains extensions that have not been tested in native mode yet. Configuring the native build and implementing integration tests for them may open the door to even faster startup and lower memory footprint. Please find some guiding steps below to start this quest:

  1. Make sure that nobody else works on promoting the same extension by searching through the GitHub issues.

  2. Let others know that you work on promoting the given extension by either creating a new issue or asking to assign an existing one to you.

  3. Use the promote mojo of cq-maven-plugin to perform the automatable steps:

    $ cd camel-quarkus
    $ mvn -N cq:promote -Dcq.artifactIdBase=...

    where cq.artifactIdBase needs to be set to the unique part of the artifactId of the extension you are promoting. E.g. if you are promoting an extension with artifactId camel-quarkus-foo, you need to set -Dcq.artifactIdBase=foo.

    The promote mojo does the following for you:

    • Copies the test module from extensions-jvm/foo/integration-test to integration-tests/foo

    • Adjusts the name and artifactId of the test module

    • Adds native profile to the test module

    • Creates a native test class extending the existing JVM mode test class

    • Copies the rest of the extension code from extensions-jvm/foo to extensions/foo

    • Removes the warning build step from the processor class in the deployment module

  4. Assign the integration test to an existing or new test category in tooling/scripts/test-categories.yaml so that it gets executed by the CI.

  5. Add some meaningful tests to FooTest and make sure they pass in both JVM and native mode:

    $ cd integration-tests/foo
    $ mvn clean verify -Pnative

    Consider shifting some tasks from runtime to build time. The Quarkus extension author’s guide may be a good ally for this.

  6. Unify source files format, update docs and rebuild the whole project:

    $ mvn clean install -DskipTests -Pformat
  7. Squash your commits before sending a pull request.

Good luck!