Building the code

You need Apache Maven version 3.8.0 or greater to build the code. You can either use your own Maven package or build using the Maven wrapper (mvnw) provided with the project.

mvn clean install -Pfastinstall

Verifying Karaf features

Camel-Karaf now lives in a separate repository, so to verify a Karaf feature, you’ll need to fork the camel-karaf repository.

To check a new Karaf feature or an existing one, you should run a verification on the features.xml file. You’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. The first step is to run a full build of Camel.

  2. Then, run the following commands to verify the features:

cd platform/karaf/features/
mvn clean install

If you modified a component/dataformat or updated a dependency in the main camel repository, you’ll first need to build the main camel locally and then run a full build of camel-karaf.

Reporting a bug or problem

The Camel Karaf project uses the Apache Foundation Jira instance for tracking issues, tasks, and feature requests.