Toleration Trait

This trait sets Tolerations over Integration pods. Tolerations allow (but do not require) the pods to schedule onto nodes with matching taints. See for more details.

The toleration should be expressed in a similar manner of taints Key[=Value]:Effect[:Seconds] where values in square brackets are optional. Examples: disktype=ssd:PreferNoSchedule

It’s disabled by default.

This trait is available in the following profiles: Kubernetes, Knative, OpenShift.


Trait properties can be specified when running any integration with the CLI:

$ kamel run --trait toleration.[key]=[value] --trait toleration.[key2]=[value2] integration.groovy

The following configuration options are available:

Property Type Description



Can be used to enable or disable a trait. All traits share this common property.



The taint to tolerate in the form Key[=Value]:Effect[:Seconds]