Installing Camel K on IBM Kubernetes Service (IKS)

This guide assumes you’ve already created an IBM Kubernetes cluster on, also installed the IBM Command line tool and kubectl command.

On the list of kubernetes clusters for you account, you need to select the cluster and copy the (clusterId) to add the cluster: ibmcloud ks cluster config --cluster <clusterid>

After executing the configuration string, you should be able to execute:

kubectl get pods --all-namespaces

IKS provide an internal container registry feature. Camel K is able to leverage that registry.

You could create a customized namespace on IBM container registry in order to host your integration images. Please take note of the namespace and region created to configure them on the installation step.

You can now download kamel CLI tool the from release page and put it on your system path.

After configure kamel CLI, you could start with the standard installation or installation via Helm.

Finally you are ready to work with Camel K.