Diagramming Camel routes with PlantUML

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Hello Camel riders! I created a tool which allows to draw a PlantUML activity diagram from a running Camel context (not at design time). The above image shows what kind of diagram you can expect. I find it useful when I need to have a overall view of interactions between all the routes and endpoints, or to have a visual representation for better understanding and documentation. You can find all the details on the public GitHub repository.

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Routing multicast output after encountering partial failures

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Problem description Multicast is a powerful EIP which supports parallel execution paths in asynchronous manner. There are various ways a Camel user can configure a multicast EIP. Check out the extensive documentation here One can configure to execute all the child paths independently and continue routing the last reply as the outgoing message (default behavior unless you provide an aggregation strategy) Additionally, you can plug in an implementation of a Camel aggregation strategy with user-defined logic to aggregate the output from each of those child paths before continuing further downstream routing.

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