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We are pleased to announce the release 2.2.0 of Camel Quarkus. It brings Quarkus 2.2, one extension newly supported in native mode, better test coverage and documentation. Many thanks to all contributors and issue reporters!

Quarkus 2.2

Quarkus 2.2 is focusing mainly on fixing issues, improving usability and documentation.

The highlights:

  • GraalVM 21.2 now recommended
  • New global flag quarkus.devservices.enabled=false to disable Dev Services
  • Enhanced thread model for RESTEasy Reactive
  • MongoDB service binding
  • New extension for running Narayana LRA participants

Please refer to Quarkus 2.2 announcements for more details:

Extensions newly supported in native mode

Test coverage and closing functionality gaps

In this release, we continued our efforts from 2.0.0 and 2.1.0 releases to review existing tests and add new ones to cover all major use cases mentioned in the main Camel documentation. Check this this GitHub issues for more details.


We have documented the new way of managing dependencies in projects generated by and other Quarkus tools.

Serialization in native mode

GraalVM did not support serialization for quite long. As a result of that some features of Camel components requiring it did not work. We made our best to document those gaps at least.

Since GraalVM started supporting in version 21.0, we are continuously working on improving the serialization support. In this release we were able to close two such long standing issues.

Breaking changes and migration steps

Please refer to our 2.2.0 Migration guide.

Release notes

Fixed issues:

All commits: