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We are pleased to announce the release 1.8.0 of Camel Quarkus! Here are the highlights.

Camel 3.9.0

Camel 3.9.0 is rich in optimizations. It reduces object allocations, optimizes Camel Core and the HTTP component.

Camel 3.9.0 further brings optional property placeholders (file:foo?bufferSize={{?myBufferSize}}) and improvements in Kafka components.

Please check the full release announcement of Camel 3.9.0.

Quarkus 1.13.0.Final

The new release of Quarkus brings several new features:

New language DSLs

These are mostly motivated by Camel K and its project-less approach to defining Camel routes. With Camel K, all you need to run an integration is a file where the routes are defined using one of the supported DSLs (Java jOOR, XML, Groovy, YAML, Kotlin or JavaScript). With Camel Quarkus you still need the pom.xml file with the appropriate dependencies in addition to the route definition files. Except for XML and YAML, these DSLs are supported only in JVM mode, because they load and compile the routes at runtime.

New extensions

Except for the new DSLs mentioned above, there are six new extensions:

These three extensions are now supported in native mode:

Deprecated extensions

  • camel-quarkus-componentdsl and camel-quarkus-endpointdsl are a part of camel-quarkus-core since long, so you can remove them safely making sure that your application depends on camel-quarkus-core either directly or indirectly.
  • Similarly, camel-quarkus-main is now a part of camel-quarkus-core and you can remove it safely making sure that your projects depends on camel-quarkus-core at least transitively.

Breaking changes:

The following deprecated extensions were removed in this release:

  • WebSocket JSR 356 (replaced by Vert.x WebSocket)
  • All AWS SDK v1 extensions (replaced by their AWS SDK v2 counterparts)

A part of the functionality originally present in camel-quarkus-xml-io has moved to camel-quarkus-xml-io-dsl. Hence when you see e.g. Cannot find RoutesBuilderLoader in classpath supporting file extension: xml in your log, you’ll need to replace camel-quarkus-xml-io with camel-quarkus-xml-io-dsl.

Full Changelog of Camel Quarkus 1.8.0

Known issues

What’s next?

Quarkus team just announced their plans for 2.0 release integrating MicroProfile 4 and Vert.x 4. We will adapt to those changes and publish Camel Quarkus 2.0 alphas and betas following the respective Quarkus milestones. In the mean time, we may still consider releasing 1.9.0 if we have enough material for it.

There is still a lot of Camel components to port to Quarkus. Please upvote your favorites, or even better contribute!