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This year we have two Apache conferences featuring Camel, ApacheCon Asia from 6th through 8th of August, and ApacheCon @Home from 21st through 23rd of September, 2021. Both of these conferences will be online.

If you wish to present at any of these, please submit your talk proposal for the Integration track. The call for presentations is open for both ApacheCon Asia and ApacheCon @Home. You’re welcome to propose a session for both conferences, though be aware of the differences in target audiences based on region, timezone, and language. You can submit it by the 3rd of May. Please do not wait until the last minute to submit.

We are most interested to see talks that offer a learning experience to the attendees, so talks that present new parts of the Camel ecosystem (Camel K, Camel Quarkus, Camel Kafka Connector), talks showing off lessons learned, use cases, and visions on where software integration is heading in the future. We also welcome talk proposals on other projects in the software integration space.

You can have a look at the talks held at last year’s ApacheCon @Home for a sample of the talks that were selected.

今年我们有两个Apache会议将包含Camel相关的话题,分别是8月6日至8日的ApacheCon Asia和2021年9月21日至23日的ApacheCon @Home。这两个会议都将在线进行。

如果您希望在这些会议中的任何一个会议上发表演讲,请将您的演讲提案提交到集成主题。ApacheCon AsiaApacheCon @Home都开放了演讲稿的征集。我们欢迎您为这两个会议提议一个演讲,但请注意目标受众因地区、时区和语言的不同而有所不同。您可以在5月3日之前提交。请不要等到最后一刻才提交。

我们最希望看到的是能够为与会者提供学习体验的演讲,因此,我们欢迎介绍Camel生态系统的新部分(Camel K、Camel Quarkus、Camel Kafka Connector)、分享经验教训、使用案例以及对软件集成未来发展方向的愿景的演讲。我们也欢迎关于软件集成领域其他项目的演讲提案。

你可以查看去年ApacheCon @Home上举办的演讲,了解被选中的演讲样本。