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This year’s ApacheCon was an overwhelming success, with many tracks running in parallel. If you missed some of the talks on the Camel/Integration or would like to revisit your favorites, video recordings from ApacheCon @Home 2020 are now available on The Apache Software Foundation YouTube channel.

You can watch the content from all three days in one playlist, with over 10 hours of content.

For convenience, we listed the talks as they appear in the schedule here along with the slides shared by the speakers.


Sessions ran for two days with six talks each day.

What’s new with Apache Camel 3?

by Andrea Cosentino and Claus Ibsen


Making Enterprise Integration Patterns Work for You

by Justin Reock

Getting started with Apache Camel on Quarkus

by Alexandre Gallice

Build and Deploy Cloud Native Camel Quarkus Routes With Tekton and Knative

by Omar Al-Safi


Camel Kafka Connectors: when Camel meets Kafka

by Andrea Tarocchi and Hugo Guerrero


Integrating Postgres with Apache Camel and ActiveMQ

by Justin Reock

Camel API Gateway

by Rodrigo Coelho


How to contribute textual tooling for Apache Camel in several IDEs

by Aurélien Pupier


Serverless Integration Anatomy

by Christina Lin

Testing Camel K integrations with Cloud Native BDD

by Christoph Deppisch


“Cloud Native” My Camel

by Michael Costello and David Gordon


Software Architecture and Architectors: useless VS valuable

by Andrei Shakirin

Panel and lightning talks

On the last day we had the panel and lightning talks.

Panel on the future of software integration

Panelists: Omar Al-Safi, Christina Lin, Margara Tejera, Gunnar Morling, Sanjna Verma

Moderated by María Arias de Reyna

Lightning talks

The journey of Outreachy with Apache, by Aemie Jariwala, follow-up link

Experience of Google Summer of Code with Apache Camel, by Nayananga Muhandiram, follow-up link

How to monitor Camel applications with nJAMS, by Abdelghani Faiz, follow-up link

Real time Camel route visualizer while coding, by Claus Ibsen, follow-up link

VS Code Tooling for Apache Camel K tour, by Aurélien Pupier, follow-up link

Syndesis: Low code integration with Apache Camel, Kurt Stam, follow-up link

Introducing AtlasMap Data Mapper, Tomohisa Igarashi, follow-up link

Camel from an outsider: Insights on the way to adoption, Jose Raez Rodriguez