A new release of VS Code Language Support for Apache Camel 0.0.30 is available. It includes upgrade of Camel catalogs and Camel Kafka Connector related improvements.

Camel Catalogs upgrades

The default Camel catalog has been upgraded from 3.6.0 to 3.7.0.

The Camel Kafka Connector catalog has been upgraded from 0.6.0 to 0.7.0.

Camel Kafka Connector related improvements

Completion for Basic Configuration

Some properties are not part of the Camel catalog material, neither of the Kafka Connect framework and applies to all Camel Kafka connectors. They are the Basic Configuration properties.

Completion is now available for these properties:

Completion for Basic Configuration properties


Four rules provides diagnostic at design time for the Camel Kafka Connector files.

camel.(source|sink).(endpoint|path).* property keys are validated against the catalog. An error is provided if the property does not exist. it even propose a quickfix if a relatively similar value exists:

Quickfix for unknown properties

It is possible to use dash and camel case for properties. If a key is provided 2 times with a different case, an error is provided:

Duplicated key property

In case, there is a mix of source and sink properties compared to connector.class, an error is provided:

sink/source msimatch with connector.class

In case, both camel.(source|sink).(endpoint|path).* and camel.(source|sink).url, an error is provided:

diagnostic for list of properties and url property notation

Description for connector.class

The connector to use is specified by the connector.class value. The value is a fully qualified name which sometimes can be difficult to understand the exact purpose and scope. A description of the connector is now available on hover and on completion:

Description for connector.class value completion

Automatic insertion of default value on completion

Completion for properties on camel.(source|sink).(endpoint|path).* now inserts also the default value:

Default value inserted on completion

What’s next?

Provide your feedback and ideas! You can start discussions on Zulip camel-tooling channel. You can create and vote for issues on github Camel Language Server and VS Code Language support for Apache Camel repositories. You can create and vote for issues on the jira used by the Red Hat Integration tooling team.