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We have just released Apache Camel 3.22 as the last new minor release of Camel 3.x.

This marks the end of new development of Camel 3, and there are no more releases planned.

Camel 3.14 and 3.20 reached end of life by end of 2023. And therefore, the only supported releases of Camel 3.x are as follows:

Version Supported Until
3.21.x Jun 2024
3.22.x Dec 2024

Camel 3.21.x is supported first half of 2024, and Camel 3.22.x until end of 2024.

We will only do patch releases of Camel 3.x, and we plan to not do as many patch releases as usual, but only prioritize very important bug fixes and CVEs from Camel itself (not CVEs in 3rd party libraries). So expect only a few patch releases.

There will not be any new minor releases of Camel 3.x, and users are encouraged to start new development on Camel 4, and plan to migrate existing applications to Camel 4.x.