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Apache Camel 4 is on the way for 1st half in 2023.

The need for Camel 4 is mainly driven by Java open source projects migrating from javax to jakarta APIs and to keep up with popular runtimes such as Spring Boot and Quarkus.

Primary Goals

  1. Migrate from javax -> jakarta (JEE 10)
  2. Java 17 as minimum
  3. Spring Framework 6
  4. Spring Boot 3
  5. Quarkus 3

Release Goals

  1. Release only what is ready (JEE10 / Java17) This means that Camel components that are not ready (yet) will be dropped in a release until they are ready.
  2. Release Camel Core + Camel Spring Boot together
  3. Move Camel Karaf to Apache Karaf as karaf-camel subproject

Major Goals

  1. Support Java 17 features such as records, multiline strings, etc.
  2. EIP model without JAXB dependency (if possible)
  3. Endpoint URI parsing (do not use
  4. Deprecate message.getIn() use getMessage() instead
  5. Deprecate/Remove camel-cdi
  6. Deprecate/Remove MDC logging (complex and buggy and does not fit modern app development)

Minor Goals

  1. Remove MEP InOptionalOut (not in use)
  2. Remove JUnit 4 support

Dropping Java 11 support

Some users have asked whether Camel 4 can support Java 11. Because Spring Framework 6 is requiring Java 17, then this is tricky as a number of Camel components rely on Spring.

Java 21 LTS is to be released in September 2023, meaning that Camel 4 should be forward-facing and prepare to support Java 21 instead of 11.

Users that must use Java 11, can use Camel 3 and then later upgrade to Camel 4 when they are ready to upgrade Java as well.


The milestones are estimates and the number of releases may vary according to the needs and the state of progress of the process. In other words, Camel 4 could be released earlier than expected.

  • Feb 2023: Camel 4.0 milestone 1
  • Mar 2023: Camel 4.0 milestone 2
  • Apr 2023: Camel 4.0 RC1
  • May 2023: Camel 4.0 LTS (until 4.1 release)
  • Aug 2023: Camel 4.1 LTS (until Jun 2024)
  • Oct 2023: Camel 4.2
  • Dec 2023: Camel 4.3 LTS (until Dec 2024)

For Camel 3, only LTS versions are released twice a year. This means the Camel 3 schedule is as follows:

  • Dec 2022: Camel 3.20 LTS (until Dec 2023)
  • Jun 2023: Camel 3.21 LTS (until Jun 2024)
  • Dec 2023: Camel 3.22 LTS (until Dec 2024; Last release supporting Java 11.)

Each Camel 3 release will contain fewer new features and improvements than before, because our focus and work shifted to Camel 4.

The Camel 4 work has already started, and there are some intermediate branches with the Jakarta migration such as: